Eye Dr

Eye Doctor’s journey began in the late 80’s when he started amassing a
collection of Underground Music.
Initially experimented with mixing using antiquated tape-to-tape decks
before obtaining his first turntable, offering a modest pitch
control of plus or minus three. This purchase, coupled with the
acquisition of another second turntable and a Tandy mixer, marked the
beginning of his DJ adventure.

In time, he managed to upgrade his setup to a pair of Technics SL1210
turntables and a Pioneer DJM600 mixer. As the industry evolved into
the digital age, he then moved on to using Pioneer CDJ900s.

Over the years, Eye Doctor’s passion for music led him to perform at a variety of
events, including private parties, woodland raves, and club gigs.
He has also played sets at Fire Vauxhall, and under the Festival Pier, having had the unique opportunity to play on a sandy beach during a super low tide on the Thames, a privilege granted by an antiquated bylaw.

Eye Doctor’s musical repertoire spans a variety of genres, including Old Skool
Breakbeat, Goa, and Psytrance, whilst also incorporating diverse
Chillout sounds from around the world. Over the years, he has been a
guest on various radio stations such as Worldwide and Dance FM.

In 2008, he started a regular show on Select every Sunday
morning. Initially co-hosted with Danny Smith, the show was later
handed over to DJ Hide and the rest is history!

Catch Eye Doctor & DJ Hide on The Chillout Zone, every Sunday morning from 09:00 hours.

Upcoming Shows

The Chill Out Zone with Eye Dr & DJ HIDE 09:00 - 03.12.23

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