“A classically trained musician with a foundation in jazz and classical music, Asubu found his way into Electronic Music through the hedonistic scene of 90’s London and followed its progression through House, Techno, Drum & Bass, Electronica and everything in between. This introduction and hunger for new sounds combined with his eclectic taste, informs his sound as a DJ. Asubu’s main aim is being able to lace together all the sounds he loves in a cohesive way to suit the time and environment, creating emotive sets of music, limited by nothing but quality, innovation and ultimately the desire for escapism through music.

Asubu hosts Departures every Sunday night from 21:00 on Select Radio, where he plays an eclectic live set of upfront Electronic Music, recent finds and other undiscovered favourites. Expect an emotive journey of innovative contemporary music, spanning everything from Nu-Jazz and Classical to Underground House, Techno and Electronica, joining the dots in between.”

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ASUBU 21:00 - 26.05.24

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19.05.24 ASUBU Listen Back
19.05.24 ASUBU Listen Back
19.05.24 ASUBU Listen Back