British born, Effskay is a lifer. From a young age listening to his older brother pump House Music from his bedroom in the early 90s, to clubbing himself in the early 2000s. Underground Dance Music flows well and truly in his veins! Deft melodic touches, twinkling synths and positive peaks on the UK’s leading Electronic Music station. It is clear that people are gravitated towards his momentous style and how he creates and builds his showcase.

These are exciting times for an artist with Effskay’s attention to detail. He has the undeniable ability to captivate his audience with his surreal progressions, diverse cultural sonics, ethereal undertones and unforgettable mixes. Inspired by Tulum’s spirituality and nature, he takes his audience on a journey leaving them in a magical trance in sound.

Listen to Effskay every Sunday from 17:00 hours.

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EFFSKAY 17:00 - 30.06.24

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23.06.24 EFFSKAY Listen Back
23.06.24 EFFSKAY Listen Back
23.06.24 EFFSKAY Listen Back