Leon La Rosa

Leon La Rosa first learned to mix when he was 15 years old. A love of the early 90’s UK rave scene led Leon to a slightly slower tempo and to the House Music being imported from America at the time.
“The first time I saw a set of 1210’s I thought they were amazing. I couldn’t believe that the tiny needle in the grove could produce this big, rich sound. I still can’t sometimes!”
House Music has been a huge part of Leon’s life for thirty years and he is still deeply fascinated by the scene. He loves the music, the history, the culture, and the unique characters that make it. He says, “There is more than 40 years of history in our scene and I love to champion the people and the stories that made House Music what it is today.”
Leon is a regular in London’s top clubs including Egg LDN and Ministry of Sound where he plays alongside the world’s biggest artists.
You can hear Leon on his weekly radio show, every Saturday morning at 11:00 hours..


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