Phil B

Phil B is a DJ and mashup artist from Brighton. His #PhilBMashups radio show features current house tracks and throwbacks plus some surprises mashed up in the mix. This show has already gained popularity on American radio and can now additionally be heard across the UK & Ireland, Europe, North America and even down under in Australia & New Zealand!

Phil’s favourite artists include The Prodigy, Pendulum, Muse, Metallica and Queen to name but a few. He calls upon his broad range of musical experiences to bring different genres into his mashup show in addition to the core current house tracks and dance anthems.

Phil B creates his own eclectic mashups such as “Out Out Miracle”, “Doctorin’ The Parklife” & “Donald Where’s Your Wellerman?” which have been featured in clubs & radio stations in the UK and internationally.

Phil B started DJing in the 90s in South London and enjoyed performing at various clubs, parties and on his radio shows. After a bit of a break from the scene for family and work commitments, he is back with his radio shows, mashup creations and DJ engagements.

You can catch Phil B on Select every Wednesday morning at 06:00 hours from April 2024

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Phil B Mashups 06:00 - 24.04.24

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