Kuća Collective

The Kuća Collective, brought together by a passion for House music, is headed up by Suga C, Jay Mac and Mantas Meiz. 

The three friends have mixed music regularly together, and it soon became apparent to them that they had something unique to offer as a Trio. 

With each of the collective bringing a different perspective to music choice and mixing styles, they never fail to put on an unmissable show every time. 

Each of the collective has a different story, but share the deepest love of all; House Music. 

Suga C 

Suga started mixing in 2011 after going on one too many nights out. 

With a pair of turntables and a handful of Drum & Bass vinyl, she Iearnt to beat match. Shortly after she got her first booking at local super-club Mercy quickly emerging on the scene, holding and playing at regular nights locally in Norwich.

It wasn’t really until 2021 and spending time with the rest of the team that she started to take mixes to the next level, leading to where they are as a collective now. 

Suga’s style is layering tracks to make different sounds and unexpected mixes using vocal hooks to get you dancing. Her passion is a dirty bassline!

Jay Mac

With over 20 years under his belt, Jay has a wealth of experience which also led him into the world of producing his own music. 

With a deeper understanding for Electronic Music and what makes a dance floor move, he’s held some legendary nights across his home town of Norwich. 

Kuća Collective stemmed from his original label; Kuća, which has been running underground parties for years. 

Jay’s style and passion lies with Progressive, uplifting and melodic styles of House, effortless mixes that flow and build to perfection. 

Mantas Meiz

Very much the glue between the Collective. 

Mantas had a passion for music early on, but it wasn’t until 2020 he had the confidence to step up to a set of decks and try for himself. 

With little tuition from Suga and Jay, Mantas picked up some legendary skills, proving his rightful spot behind the decks. 

Mantas’ style and passion lends itself to a tribal, afro tech vibe, with his main mission being to ‘get your hands up in the air’ 

Catch Kuća Collective on Select every Monday morning from 09:00 hours.


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