Adam became interested in Electronic Music from a young age & starting his career on the radio as an MC when he was still in his teens, playing on radio stations all across London. 

In 2006 Adam had his first tune released on the infamous garage label Confetti, this hit the number 3 spot in the BBC 1xtra urban chart.

Adam then transitioned to djing naturally as he loves the feeling of flicking through his record box and hearing the crackle before the needle hit the groove on the vinyl. 

Over the last 26 years of Adam being on the London radio scene he has played in most clubs in London past/present. 

Adam has been on Select from the beginning and after a short break, he returned to a weekly show in August 2023.

Catch Adam Alexander every Tuesday morning from 07:00am.

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ADAM ALEXANDER 07:00 - 12.12.23

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