Meet Yousif Abdulla, an experienced DJ and Electronic Music specialist, hailing from West London.

Yousif’s ability to read the room is one of the main things that sets him apart from others, getting great satisfaction when creating those special moments on the dancefloor, he is able to play any genre, with a carefully crafted and well selected playlist.
Yousif is an advocate of musical preparation, but is by no means averse to a bit of spontaneity, having the ability to act in the moment, adding that extra element of uniqueness to any event. Experienced in, and available for, dancing parties of any kind as well as more ambient settings like museums, exhibitions, chill out areas and so on.

Yousif boasts a vast music collection that spans more or less every genre imaginable, this is a DJ that can ecstatically impact any environment.
Catch his radio show every Wednesday evening on Select from 21:00 hours.

Upcoming Shows

Abdulla 21:00 - 22.05.24

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15.05.24 Abdulla Listen Back
15.05.24 Abdulla Listen Back
15.05.24 Abdulla Listen Back