Taxi to the club: Uber to launch in Ibiza

November 28, 2023

Ever been caught in a long line of inebriated party goers all desperate for a cab back to their accommodation on the white isle!? Who hasn’t!
Understandably for a pretty small island of approximately 220 square miles in size and with a residential population of just over 150,000 people, taxis can be like gold dust at the best of times but when the summer months hit and the population quadruples…hitching a ride can be near impossible.

However, by the time we all descend on the island once again next season, this may have become a little easier because starting from 29th November 2023, Uber will officially launch in Ibiza! Starting small with 14 cars, the company will be utilizing the winter months to launch the service. As they do in other parts of Spain, Uber will not hire any specific drivers, but will instead allow its technology to be used on a freelance basis by drivers with the necessary paperwork (VTC License).

To incentivise and grow the number of drivers, the company will be offering €150 for the first 25 trips completed. And a driver who recruits another colleague to register with Uber can be rewarded with another bonus of €300 euros for doing so.

So after years of hints and rumors, it’s finally official. Next time you’re lucky enough to step foot on the beautiful island, check it out…you can even pre-book one up to 30 days in advance!

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