February 27, 2024

Ever been in that situation?…I think we all have, right? You pop to the bar, the toilet or you’re so lost in the music, you turn around and they’re gone. Your rave buddies are nowhere to be seen…and you have little to no phone signal. In a crowd of 10,000 + that can be pretty daunting. Well, TOTEM have developed a new device, which will help you relocate your crew without the need for your smartphone or the tall guy next to you and their strong sturdy shoulders! The all new TOTEM Compass device can be synced up to other devices, with no need for phone signal or indeed the need for any other device at all. The illuminated compass needle will move in the direction of the other paired devices and shine brighter and wider as you get closer and less so when you move away. And not only that, once you have been reunited with your tribe, you can switch the device to vibe mode, prompting it to light up in different colours in time with the music. 

TOTEM will be available from April at a price of $49 or $37 per device when you buy 5 or more. They also come with a neck strap, so you shouldn’t find yourself missing your mates and your TOTEM compass!!

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