MKs special Happy Birthday message to his daughter

December 15, 2023

This week MK aka Marc Kinchen shared a special story whilst wishing his daughter Charlee a happy birthday on X (formally Twitter).
Within the series of posts, he talks about his struggles to make money as a producer, his career progression and the pressures he faced when becoming a DJ. We thought most up and coming and top billing artists would relate so we had to share.

The Detroit born producer shares the financial struggles he faced as a producer working with top artists like Will Smith and Ariana Grande. And the challenges of juggling this alongside being a stay at home dad. He shares magical memories of teaching Charlee her first steps, memories he cherishes.

In the multi-tweet thread he gives us further insight into being broke and searching the couch for money to get essentials, whilst cherishing the memories of his daughter dancing next to him in the studio. He later goes on to reveal that Charlee was present when he produced Storm Queen’s “Look Right Through” released in 2013 on Defected Records. The success of this record led to MK being offered international DJ sets and ultimately having to miss precious time with Charlee.

Adding to the story, he mentioned playing in London and receiving a call from Charlee asking him to do magic and come home. Missing his daughter he called his managers saying ‘I don’t want to be a DJ’ luckily they convinced him to stick with it and the rest is history. Now MK can provide for his kids and explains that still to this day every time he leaves them, it breaks him. Charlee now accompanies her father to his shows and MK loves every minute of it. He shares a video of Charlee and her friends behind the decks on a festival stage.

MK finishes his special 16th birthday message to his daughter with a touching paragraph stating how much she means to him.
A message to all aspiring artists and DJs. Keep going, it doesn’t happen overnight, don’t burn yourself out and use your time wisely. Appreciate your colleagues who have kids. Parenting and working in the music industry can be tough at times and takes a toll on family life. Understand they have commitments and try to be as flexible as possible to allow them family time. Family is everything.

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