London is preparing to welcome a groundbreaking new venue, DRUMSHEDS.

Select Radio July 13, 2023

London is preparing to welcome a groundbreaking new venue, DRUMSHEDS, set to open its doors in September. Located in Meridian Water, just minutes away from Tottenham Hale underground station, this 608,000 square foot space is poised to make a significant impact on the London event scene. With a mission to inspire, connect, and create massive impact through music, culture, and space, DRUMSHEDS aims to offer a fresh and innovative concept.

Created and curated by Broadwick, the team behind renowned venues such as Printworks, The Beams, and Depot Mayfield, DRUMSHEDS promises a truly unique experience. This former IKEA warehouse, with a capacity of 15,000, will feature original elements that contribute to its industrial charm, including lift shafts, loading bays, sprawling floors, and machinery.

In addition to hosting a diverse range of music events, DRUMSHEDS will also be available for hire through Broadwick’s Spaces division. The venue plans to showcase set builds, fashion shows, and brand activations, providing a versatile space for various cultural events.

While the full opening program is yet to be announced, DRUMSHEDS is set to offer a mixture of “culture events” that will undoubtedly captivate audiences. With Broadwick’s expertise in curating exceptional live experiences, attendees can expect nothing short of extraordinary.

Simeon Aldred, Director of Strategy at Broadwick, expresses the company’s vision for DRUMSHEDS, stating that they aim to create a cultural space that becomes a center of gravity, fostering human connection. In line with this mission, Broadwick plans to collaborate with local authorities to support the surrounding community by providing employment opportunities in the new venue. Additionally, they are exploring free ticket schemes to ensure accessibility for all.

As the opening of DRUMSHEDS draws near, anticipation is building for this groundbreaking venue that promises to redefine the London event landscape. With its vast size, innovative concept, and commitment to community engagement, DRUMSHEDS is set to become a cultural powerhouse that leaves a lasting impact on its visitors.

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