May 05, 2024

Hot Since 82, also known as Daley Padley, recently encountered a terrifying incident in Brazil that left him fearing for his life. Following a performance in Rio de Janeiro, Hot Since 82 and his crew were targeted by armed individuals, prompting a high-speed chase on a busy motorway. Thanks to the quick thinking and heroic actions of their driver, they narrowly escaped the danger posed by the armed assailants. He announced he would not be attending Time Warp Festival and Warung Festival in the country as planned after being targeted leaving a gig.

In an emotional video shared with his Instagram followers, Hot Since 82 expressed his shock and gratitude for surviving the ordeal. He said: “I’m feeling a little bit broken right now, feeling very lucky to be alive. Left the club at 5am, still dark, ten minutes into the car journey to the airport we were followed and pursued by a gang of jackers, murderers, I don’t know what, wearing AK47s.”

The DJ’s experience sheds light on the challenges faced by individuals in regions where organised crime and violence are prevalent. Despite the beauty of Brazil, the presence of such dangers underscores the need for caution and vigilance. “Our driver has put the car in reverse and we’ve been flying down a busy motorway the wrong way, weaving in and out of cars. If the AK47s didn’t get us then we are really lucky we didn’t have a really bad car crash because we are weaving in and out of oncoming traffic going 60, 70 mph with the car full of AK47s following us. They were adamant they were going to get us. We had to go miles and miles down the motorway in reverse to try to get away from the shooters”

There have long been several organised crime gangs in Brazil, with tension continuing to mount between them in the country. Some of them hold a huge amount of power within the country and are heavily armed with powerful weapons. They are heavily invested in drugs in the country and over the years have recruited hundreds of people to their ranks.The government has taken various measures to address the problem,however, these efforts have been largely unsuccessful in curbing the violence.

Captioning his announcement, the DJ said: “Rio safety update… be safe , hope you understand,Brazil, sadly, it was only a matter of time before this could potentially happen. Let’s pray that these thugs dont win, and that we can travel around this beautiful country and not have to look over our shoulders. This was not a nice experience and l dread to think what would have happened if they caught us. I’m all love here, sorry Brazil.”

He made the difficult decision to cancel his upcoming festival appearances in Brazil and indicated uncertainty about returning to the country in the future. The incident has understandably shaken him, leading him to prioritise his safety and that of his family.

 “I don’t know if I will ever come back to Brazil now. I sympathise with the people of Brazil who have to live their daily life like this in fear. Going to a club to DJ should be about happiness and bringing joy to people’s lives, not leaving a club and wondering if I am going to get home safe”

“I have children at home, my wife is about to deliver our next baby in six weeks time, I can’t risk being in a position like this. It’s not worth it, no DJ show or fee is worth it. I had such a wicked time in RIO too. The people are amazing and I really sympathise with the people of Brazil who have to live with this, it’s not fair. Humanity so cruel man. I feel a bit emotional but I am a bit fkn emotional. So I am out of here, safety first.”


Messages of support and solidarity poured in from the music industry and fans, emphasising the shared concern for Hot Since 82’s well-being. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictability and risks present in certain parts of the world, highlighting the importance of safety and security in all endeavours.


As Hot Since 82 navigates the aftermath of this frightening episode, the hope is for his continued safety and well-being, surrounded by the love and support of those closest to him.

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