Krisis is a DJ & producer from London, having been lucky enough to be part of the early rave scene, he started off by listening to Hardcore but quickly discovered the power of House Music. After most of the club nights he would end up back at a friend’s house for an after party and that meant usually trying to master mixing his skills at mixing. He continued to stay in touch with the House scene and collected an assortment of tracks on vinyl.
Fast forward to around 2013 he started going out again which re-ignited his desire to DJ. The timing was perfect as he had just purchased some decks & had gone about learning to DJ once again. His wife thought it was a midlife crisis (hence the name Krisis!), but he stuck at it, still going strong and building up an impressive CV in the process, working alongside the likes of Danny Rampling, Trevor Fung, James Haskell, Eldeanyo and many more.

Krisis has played around the UK at a variety of events, and abroad in Corfu, where he played in Kavos for ‘House Legends’ alongside Colin Hudd, Nicky Holloway and Trevor Fung. He also played the ‘Standon Festival’, and events such as ‘Generations’ alongside John Kelly, ‘Let Go’ alongside Dom Physics, Balearic Sunset alongside Alex P, ‘Blag’ Events alongside The Filter Freqz, and the long-standing event ‘Culture Shock’ at the Berwick Manor, which has had a whole host of big name headliners.

This year has already been busy for Krisis, with him playing for a variety of promoters, which has taken him to the South Coast, Kent and London, He was also fortunate enough to tick one of his bucket lists off, by playing at the Ministry Of Sound for Select. Later in the year Krisis is playing out in Malta at the Bora Bora Hotel.
You can catch his Krisis House Sessions every Friday morning at 10:00am.


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